Maynardville, TN Quick Lube FOR SALE
3775 Maynardville Hwy, Maynardville, TN 37807
$ 429,000
The property is the current home of City Wash & Lube and is an ideal spot for a self-motivated owner / operator. Included in the sale is a 2,520 sf building that houses the oil change portion of the business. This building features a small office, restrooms, two oil change bays and two self-serve car wash bays. Th building was built in 1996 and features four 10’ x 12’ roll up doors.
There is an additional building that includes a small office, two self-serve car wash bays and an automatic car wash bay. The car wash was built in 1999. Equipment included in the sale are 5 oil tanks, 2 air compressors, oil pump, general tools, 4 roll-up doors, overhead oil heater, self-contained overflow tank, 2 catwalks for oil changes, sud machine, transmission filler and flusher, oil
catcher in both changing bays and touchless automatic wash (in one bay) and 4 self-service wash bays


Sale Price: $ 429,000


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